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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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n both directions after truck accident earlier this morning. now, that scent sent the driver to the hospital. "eyewitness news" reporter justin fin such live at the scene to bring us up-to-date right now. good morning! erika, ukee, good morning the both lanes open about few minutes ago, i would say we were here, just minutes ago when we saw the southbound lanes reopened. they car i had that tractor-trailer away. the only visible evidence of that crash now see the rail between the north and southbound lanes still damaged, lots of skidmarks in the street. we know one driver injured, taken to the hospital, but let's take you on video from earlier this morning, you will see massive response, 495 at 12 street, del dot here, state police were here, as well as other first responders, also, getting the tractor portion and the dump portion safely away from this area. we are told that driver was heading southbound here on 495, somehow was involved in single vehicle crash. the truck portion went on one
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side, the dump on the other. and they spent some time, some hours actually clearing that scene, getting it open now for traffic. we had traffic diverted off of this area, onto nearby ramps to kind of ease the investigation going on here on the ground, but back out live as you can see we did avoid a big rush hour mess, the north and southbound lanes of 495 here, are now reopened. we are live here in wilmington justin finch cbs-3, "eyewitness news". justin, thanks so much. >> right now we get over to vittoria the detours even opened still congest in the. >> i would say 95 still probably good bet right now in case you do see maybe lingering police officer vehicle or something like that, del dot, but i mean with there being no rush hour just yet, still would be okay. let's continue. let's talk a little bit about what we're seeing right nowment so shout out to justin finch, great job out there. it is freezing, covering this incident. so yes the earlier incident occurred about 2:40 this
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morning, so 01:00, that's quite some time, get that big-time accident cleared out of the way. they did a great job. now, with the movement now on both sides northbound and southbound of 495 at 12th street, good to go. let's continue jump on over to the schuylkill expressway or route one rather where we do have another incident, which is compromising looks to be pushed to the shoulder as much as possible. this is not too far away from the area of 413 not too far from pa turnpike, neshaminy stretch. it does seem to be blocking the right-hand lane. traffic is moving by it without a hitch. if you are traveling in this area we do have bit of activity. still waiting in the wings every rush hour, so, i would say, traffic wise, it is not awful just yet. weather wise, it is bitter cold out there. >> right. but at least not terrible day either, vet tore y as long as you're prepared for it, your going to be just fine. make sure to bundle up adequately. gentlemen, very chilly, it is the deaths of winter after all. even this is little atypical. so not like we've never seen temperatures like this b just little colder than for one
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thing than it has been as every late also for what we would normally find even on this particular morning. year. storm scan3, totally empty. see eventually couple every clouds roll through. we expect more than anything some sunshine for you here today. yes, numbers tell the story don't youy? only one agree after all in mount pocono, with the west-northwest breeze, even though pretty mod he he is breeze certainly enough you will still notice t it will make it feel that much colder. still, only holding tough into the teens right now though, both atlantic city and philadelphia, and really that's the general gist around the rest of the region as a whole. so, we've got quite the hole from which to dig out as a result. >> for the second half of the sunday we have new system on the move. and that's going to be moving in here, sort of getting stuck overhead so, as we track the system a lot of moving pieces with it, it is attributing i forecast, we will have much more detail on, that just a little later until the show. guys, we send it back to you. >> katie thanks so much. man killed in a hail of bullet
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in southwest philly overnight. >> police on the hunt for suspects in deadly shooting. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us at police headquarters with the latest information. jan, good morning. >> police have yesterday to identify the man shot and killed overnight just too much blood, too many injuries to his face, to quickly identify him on scene after all, he was shot 17 times. >> bruce al attack in kingsessing overnight. shots, 17 times at close range, in the body and the head. >> we know at least 17 shots were fired for semiautomatic weapon. we found 17 spent shell casings most of these shell casings were within feet of where the victim had collapsed. >> happened minute before midnight, south paxson street, after multiple reports of gunfire, police arrived to find an unidentified man lying
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unconscious on the sidewalk, now, police are hoping, surveillance nearby, and evidence left at the scene provide the leads they need to catch a killer. >> we also found what appears to be the victim's wallet, laying just feet from the victim's body. so possibility this shooting and homicide is robbery related. it is unusual to find the victim's wallet on the sidewalk next to his body. >> so the motive still unclear, although may be robbery, also unclear the suspect, but police do believe they are looking for two men anyone with information they're asked to call police. reporting live outside every police headquarters, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank youment meanwhile, philadelphia police are investigating an early morning robbery in a queen village bar. two mask men walked into the irish times bar at second and bainbridge, shortly before 2:30, and cleaned out the cash
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register. at least one of them had a shotgun. no one was hurt. police are looking for the thieves. and, a woman forced to make a daring escape from her burning center city condominium overnight. firefighters led the woman down a ladder from the second floor of this home, along the 300 block every south 17th. we're told she was checked out at the scene and did not need to go to the hospital. the red cross is assisting three displaced residents and two pets. there is no word right now on how that fire started. and this philadelphia ambulance is out of service after catching fire overnight in old city. the ambulance was headed back to the station from jefferson hospital, whether it caught fire. there weren't any patients in the ambulance by the way and the paramedics inside were not hurt. >> well, philadelphia's firefighters union is holding news conference today on an investigation into alleged on duty sex in the fire department. our i-team broke this story. sources tell "eyewitness news", seven male firefighters investigated for alleged on duty sex with a female member, has been told they violated department policy, and will
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face disciplinary action. the seven can either except discipline or request administrative hearings. an attorney for the female member who was not under investigation declined comment. the philadelphia inspector general's office conducted the investigation. a status hearing scheduled for former philadelphia police detective, ron dove. he is charged with interfering with a murder investigation. investigators say that he hid his girlfriends erica sanchez after she allegedly stabbed a man to death in 2013. dove is also accused every hiding evidence from fellow detectives. we're wait to go finds out more about the arraignment of two philadelphia police officers charged after a grand jury determined they lied about the circumstances surrounding the beating of a suspect in 2013. surveillance video appears to show officers sean mcknight and kevin robinson knocking riviera off his motor scooter then reportedly throwing him against a wall and punching him. he allegedly fled as officers
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attempted to issue a traffic violation. charges against riviera were dropped when his girlfriend found that video. the commissioner says the officer's took things too far and riviera was not resisting. >> what they did was totally ann prepare re at, totally improper totally in violation of any policy, any training, anything. >> when people flea, and they try to keep themselves from getting arrested, sometimes officers in using force create injuries. that's the way it is. >> office verse been suspended with intent to dismiss. philadelphia district attorney seth williams will be here to talk about this case coming un on the "cw philly". straight ahead as the pope prepares for his trip to philadelphia this fall we are learning he will do something during his visit to the u.s. that no pope has ever done before. >> also, ahead a 13 year old bridges crack cocaine to a local elementary school. now, police want to know, exactly how he got his hands on those drugs. >> and, there is new information this morning on this plane crash in taiwan. find out what officials say happened, right before that
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switch to make.
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good morning investigators in taiwan just released new information about this deadly plane crash they say, both engines on the trans asia flight lost power before it clipped a bridge, and crashed into a river on wednesday. they think the pilots may have shut off one of the engines after the first one failed. divers pulled four more bodies out of the water bringing the death toll to 35. fifteen people survived, and eight others are still missing. police have executed a search warrant at the home after 13 year old boy accused of bringing crack cocaine to school. so far, though, no arrests have been made. the incident happened at mitchell elementary in southwest philadelphia just before noon yesterday. police say the teen brought 16
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packets to school and put them in a eight year's book bag. the eight year olds showed the crack co-tape to two other eight year old and we're toll one of them sniffed the drug. all every this them were taken to children's hospital. philadelphia school district superintendent, doctor william hite says an investigation is underway. >> it is really important for us to find out how the child came into possession of these drugs, and how on earth do they end up with a 13 year old at an elementary school. >> superintendent hite tells "eyewitness news" the children are okay. >> coming up on 65:13 you want to bundle your children up before sending them out to the bus stop. katie, cold morning. >> very chilly start to the day for us. just cold day in general on storm scan3 all is calm, all is quiet nice and clear for us oust there. i want to take you to nice wide zoom here on storm scan. things are nice and quiet across the mid section of the country you got some activity on the west coast very heavy rain actually good news for portions of california. but, there is going to be piece of this, that rolls
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across the northern tier of the united state and eventually as it moves our way, we will ends up with next sort of big thing. and it is going to be system that lidge ers for sunday into monday. so for now high pressure, cold day but sunshine. by tomorrow, i can see quick snow shower in the poconos otherwise we warm things up for you little here back to the 40's, and get some sun but then this front, just kind of stalls nearby. where it decides to set up, still bit after question mark, but thinking for now we start dry on sunday, light rain showers initially later in the day, and then as the colder air wraps in, and the sun goes down, we may see it begin to mix with light snow or sleet or maybe even freezing rain. so it could be little slick to get you out the door monday morning. looks like we will keep the wintery mix every rain, snow and possibly some icing in there, as well for monday. right now precipitation looks generally light. we could key word could have some higher snowfall totals, if it pans out, up toward the pocono region specifically. vittoria? >> thank you so much katie. and good morning everyone, traveling out and about this morning, still waiting in the wings of a rush, however
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starting to form on parts of 95. there is no doubt about that. specifically, around the construction zones at both cottman avenue and girard. 495 reopened in delaware, so that's good news. at 12th street. however, we did pick up a accident if you are traveling trooper and awed awe bonn. traveling right around the stretch of 422 trooper and audubon in the westbound direction, 422 around that stretch, we do have an accident. it does seem to be that we do have penndot on scene attends to go this incident, it just popped up into the camera. we'll continue to keep you updated on that as more details come through the traffic center. we continue to move now to the ben franklin bridge, if you are traveling in either direction, it is great out there. all of the bridges are moving fantastic. however, if you are traveling in middletown, on route one southbound, we do have a disable vehicle approaching business route one. if you are traveling mass transit, you look great down the board. no delays. no delays as well at the philadelphia international airport. ukee? >> vittoria, thank you. updating breaking news within the half hour crews have opened northbound and southbound lanes of interstate
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495. the driver of the truck was injured in a serious accident, at 12th street very early this morning. >> also, police are searching for two men they say shot and killed a 51 year old man along south paxson street in kingsessing. the man was hit 17 times by gunfire. robbery may have been a motive. >> one person was rescued from this fire near 17th and delancey streets in center city. that will person was not injured. the flames broke out on the second floor about quarter after 1:00 this morning. sports coming up. be right back.
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>> little tired this morning getting up? just shake it off. we're getting you pumped for the grammies. taylor swift nominated for best song of the year. yes, taylor swift will present at the 2015 grammy awards berks county's own and she is nominated but she not performing this year. >> i wanted to hear her perform that. that would have been cool. several big act in the business are scheduled to performment you can watch it all live 8:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us now with a preview fun stuff nicole? >> i'm just shaking it off though. >> okay, erika. >> okay? i just can't, thank you for that can't wait to see it. swift and of course the rest of the gang on music's biggest
6:19 am
night, 57 annual grammy awards live at 8:00 right here on cbs-3 of course watch as ukee's buddy ll cool jay with performances by paul mccartney, madonna katie plenty of stars performing, even more attending but not without a little practice. take a listen. >> ♪ ♪ oh ya. they are moving. they are grooving. that was a behind the scenes glimpse of grammy nominee jennifer hudson, iggy azalea. australian rapper up for four statues sunday night including best new artist best rap albumn. egg how will team 1j hud at the annual pre grammy party says it doesn't matter which category you win, it is not the time to be choose i. >> i don't care if i get a grammy for best albumn. gram say grammy, baby. a grammy is a grammy. nobody says what's your grammy for. it is a game. >> no, no, this grammy doesn't
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count. any grammy is equally as good. >> i'll take any grammy. >> well put. >> any grammy you got my way sends them my way. will not complain. >> so the more golden statues the better obviously, see it all go down live here on cbs-3 live sunday night again starting at 8:00. and, for the first time ever by the way music fans will be able to watch on line or on their mobile device through cbs all access. that's the network's on demand and live streaming service. and ukee, i know you have got preview of your own right? >> ya ya. i'm still digging the song. that will was nice. >> yes, sounds like different song though, do you know what i am talking becomes the beginning of it? let me know. >> but still ahead we will talk to ll cool jay, mr. todd smith about hosting the grammies for the fourth year in a row. > ukee's budd. >> i also, day care center outside of chicago is the new hot spot for measles. we'll have updated numbers on the outbreak coming up in the health watch. we'll be right back.
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>> 23:00, on the upside asks friday, down side it is freezing out, there katie. >> what a great way of putting. hey, it is friday, so we've got the spring in our step just for that very reason. but, probably also because when you walk out the door, like ah, it is really cold out here. make sure you're ready for it, folks, bundle up adequateliment storm scan3 empty, look at the departure in the last 24 hours we've dropped anything from 20 to almost 30 degrees. so very chilly start to the day. we do start to warm up, a lot more seasonable, by sunday late in the day next disturbance is here, vittoria? >> thank you so much, katie. we have few things disturbing your commute right now. 1 cents the formation of rush hour 95 and part of the schuylkill building, also an incident traveling trooper
6:24 am
road southbound at audubon you'll notice some activity here, folks directing traffic. so just note this will set you back this morning. as we continue, we also have disable vehicle traveling on route one southbound at rock hill compromising the right hand lane and shoulder, traffic is squeezing on by, which is giving you a little bit after delay. and if you are traveling throughout kensington, we have water main break at howard street, near berks. your best alternate to take front, no delays, however, for mass transit. ukee? >> kim owe timonen coming back from serious medical condition. timonen has been out all season with blood clots in lung and leg. doctors have cleared him to skate. they say the clot in his lung is gone. doctors also tell the flyers that clot in timonen's leg are remain stationary. he's not likely to playwrite away. welcome back, young man. get well. >> meanwhile his teammates playing the islanders. shut scored in the first periods, two goals, three games, after bringing 125 game
6:25 am
scoring drought. the flyer guys though blew a two-goal lead and the game went to shoot-out, bamm right, there islanders win it three to two. flyers play the caps on the road sunday afternoon. sixers play the celtics in boston. squad getting new player as well. guard tim frazier out of penn state sign to ten day deal. the nittany lions all time assist leader, likes to give up the rock. nice to see. the little league sensation mo'ne dave list also be showing off her basketball skims. eighth grade letter play in the celebrity all-star game next friday night part of the nba all-star weekend also playing philly's own kevin hart mo'ne will have to show the fellows how it is done. because where it is, she's got game. well the newest author in town is signing books and not baseball. >> little ryan, scholastic books, ryan refused to answer any questions about his future
6:26 am
with the fighting's, pitchers and catchers report to clearwater for spring training in less than two weeks. it is that time of year. >> that's great. branching out into children's books, i had no idea he was called rhino. >> not little rhino. not that guy. typically valentine dinner filled with complications. >> yes, hard to find a reservation, let alone a desirable time, prices, everything is prefix menu, prices are inflated. this year eliminate some of the heartaches from planning dinner at least. check out kara tsuboi round up new reservation apps in this tech minute. >> valentine dinner all about the atmosphere. use app's feature specify what type of environment you're after, classy, chill trendy. it makes suggestion and shows you mens menus so sure to make sound decision, it act as con see age in your pocket, will
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help you find reservation on your chosen date. at the end of the meal, no need to whip out your wallet. be charged on credit card linked to your account including tip and fee for the service. and finally if you're after dining deal, try the free app bite hunter. this app pulls deals coupons specials, from all sorts of source respect across observe the web like crew on living social, and puts them in one place. purchase the deal directly through bite hunter redeem from the smart phone screen once at the restaurant. hey, who says romance can't come at a bargain? in san francisco care a dubois cbs "eyewitness news". as we continue this morning, i459 is now open following a nasty wreck. now the investigation to find out what happened is underway. we'll have that for you. >> also the pope is getting a lot of attention this morning after giving parents some controversial advice. why he says it is okay to spanning your children. >> katie and vittoria return with traffic and weather together. when we come back. good morning.
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. "eyewitness news" this morning, continues with more on our breaking news, just in time for the morning rush, traffic on 495 is now open in both directions. >> good morning, everyone, earlier this morning truck accident sent a driver to the hospital. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is nearhe scene, right now. justin, good morning. >> ukee, erika good morning we spoke to police, a short time ago they tell us that
6:31 am
driver is suffering non-life threatening wounds, that's all they could share with us at this time, as they gather more information about the crash and what led to it. as you mention traffic has now reopened in the north and rather southbound lanes of the 495 here take a look behind us how you never know there was a rec, but if you look very closely there you can see in the middle rail there there are some damage. that is where the tractor and the truck somehow separated. let's show you video from earlier this morning. as you can see, it was shut down on both sides police, del dot, and others here, on scene, trying to get that tractor-trailer away from here. we do know at about 2:40 this morning, that driver was going southbound here on the 495 and somehow lost control. the tractor-trailer jackknifing spinning the truck portion and trailer portion on opposite sides of the road here it, did shutdown traffic here for some time. it was diverted on to the nearby ramps here, in the area
6:32 am
of 495 and 12th street. but back out live this morning, as you can see they cleaned up the rec traffic has reopened, and things were back to normal for your morning commute here. we are live in wilmington, justin finch cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> great they could clean it up so fast, thank you. right now we want to get over to vittoria, and somehow the other roads are shaping up this morning. >> good morning, you know, your awe right erika this did he get that up pretty quickly considering the severity of the incident, i mean, it happened at 2:40 this morning, so they cleared it around 6:00. and i know that might not sound like short amount of time but considering what was involved, they great job out there. so 495, in the clear. how much, take a look at the screens behind me. we have not been clear on few other majors. so what we are looking at right now not too far from the ramp of 422 but traveling trooper southbound at audubon right at the ramp really, you will notice that we do have some activity here, earlier someone directing traffic this is southbound, trooper road at audubon where we are dealing with a incident. just watch out for that this morning. also taking you now route
6:33 am
one, another incident that we've been dealing with, disable vehicle southbound, on route one. right at rock hill drive. blocking the right hand lane. more emergency teams now arriving to the scene. but notice, it will be a squeeze, in this area. also seeing the building of some rush hour delays on the schuylkill and 95 and the usual spots. katie, how are we looking weather wise? >> weather wise looking okay here we've been talking about the fact it is so cold outside. just need to be red which that with the extra layers. it is february after all. nothing all that atypical that we would find these kind of temperatures values, but it is colder than it was a yesterday there is same time, and colder than it will be thankfully upcoming weekend but all clear out on storm scan3 right now. you barely have cloud in the sky. that's going to bode well for the sunrise. take a look at this beautiful view outside the live neighborhood network. just pretty colors. prettiest colors coming up here over the horizon, we will see some beautiful views really everywhere this morning, but i mean, temperature tells the story. 7 degrees, common.
6:34 am
want to be nice july, so many nicer berks 1 degrees is your current temperature at mount pocono. still windchill advisories, windchill values easily below freezing all morning long, not hard to be, when you are already flirting with it right now on the actual thermometer. but as the day progresses, the best we can hope for around the region is maybe the freezing mark at the shore and you will have hard time even hitting the 30's in philadelphia. but at least we get the sunshine, that is what we have got going for us today. so we will take the good with the bad i guess you can say. if you are maybe up at the poconos here today great skiing weather, just be ready for it, it will be very, very chilly indeed. guys back to you. >> thanks, katie. new from overnight deadly shooting in philadelphia's kingsessing neighborhood. police were called to the 1400 block of south paxson street, just before midnight. we're told a 51 year old plan was pronounced dead after someone shot him multiple times in the face and body. police say they found the victim's wallet nearby, recovered 17 shell casings. >> and take a look at this surveillance video. police in camden, new jersey,
6:35 am
want to know if anyone recognizes the brazen burglary seen caring 55-inch flat screen television out of the house on church street. it happened in the early morning hours of january 27th. now, police also say the man was seen riding a blue mountain bike right before the burglary. if you know this man police ask you to give them a call. >> well, the authorities say a bucks county manna used in a 20 million-dollar fraud scheme has killed himself. officers found 64 year old thomas french dead from a gunshot wound in buckingham. he is one of five family members accused of intentionally setting fires at a mansion and then filing false insurance claims many to collect millions of dollars. we have new developments this morning in the war against isis. jordan has set more than dozen fighter jets to bomb the terror group hide outs in syria and iraq. this is in response to the execution after jordanian fighter pilot. he was can us aircraft a sills dollars in the bombingsment while house says president obama will ask congress to authorize military action
6:36 am
against isis in iraq and syria. >> meanwhile french authorities say a woman in a new isis video calling for more attacks in france may be this woman widow of at all and the, authority say that may be her on the right right there. believed to be hiding out somewhere in syria. >> the sit of philadelphia's getting ready for pope francis' trip to the city in september. now, his visit to the u.s. will include historic trip to washington dc. pope francis will be the first ever pope to speak before a joint session of congress. the next day he will deliver a speech at the united nations before coming to philadelphia for the world meeting of families. and this morning, the pope is causing quite a stir after saying he's not opposed to spanking. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us now to tell us exactly what the pontiff said. nick snow. >> yes, good morning ukee, pontiff has plenty of people talking this morning after saying it is okay for parents to spanning their children. this all happened during his
6:37 am
weekly remarks from the vatican. where pope francis said the form of punishment is acceptable as long as dignity maintained. in other words he's not condoning a smack in the face. now, during those remarks which were devoted to the role of fathers in the family, people outlined the trait every a good father saying he is one who forgives but is able to correct with firm necessary while not discouraging a child. so we wanted you to know or wanted rather, to know what you think about all of this. you can let us know by going to facebook or twitter we may even use your comments on tv later this morning. we do have a few already here with us. we can share them with you right nowment dean thompson says: pope thinks it is fine to smack kids providing their dignity maintained. he says beating kids is never the answer. another one from johnson hughes says it is kinds of one step forward three steps back for this pope. so much for being progressive. and another one says: i agree with the pope, parent must be allowed to spanning their children as a way of discipline. ukee? >> let us know what you think thank you.
6:38 am
>> up next this morning, four people roundures after a lesson in stranger danger, went way too far. >> they have no idea what they've done. outside the boundaries of law. >> even police were surprised to learn who these people were. coming up this morning, how they faked a six year old boy's kidnapping, and terrorized him for hours. >> plus: it is a hot gadget to help people get fit. but the fit bit is not just for exercise any more. see how doctors are now using them to help treat patients next in the health watch. >> ♪ ♪ all about that base ♪ ♪ >> oh, love this song. super catch i all about that base nominated for grammy for song of the year. coming up next, we are talking to ukee's good pal, ll cool jay. i'm call him ll cool gram us. >> that's what he is, mr. todd smith. >> hosting music's biggest night. private interview for you coming up. ♪ ♪
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on the health watch this morning, the latest on the nationwide spread of mist. >> day care center in illinois is the latest outbreak area. the center 30 miles outside of chicago. at least five infants, all un the age of one, have been diagnosed there. now, because of their age none of the children were vaccinated against the measles. these five joined another 102 cases of measles nationwide. most of them are linked to an outbreak in california's
6:42 am
disneyland. plenty of people use fit bit. now doctors are tapping in to evaluate patients. northern western hospital part of study watching patients exercise levels before and after neurosurgery for about six months. they hope this information will better predict how other patients will recover from similar procedures. >> you may have noticed emergency. "eyewitness news" team wearing red this morning. that's because today is national wear red day to raise awareness about women's heart health. american heart association says heart diseases the leading cause of death for women in the united state. and it is hard to see katie's graphic but she is rock ago red skirt this morning. >> gentlemen, at least in the wider mode, we can see it is out there. yes. good morning everyone, we want to check in with the eyewitness weather watcher network. big story this morning is temperature. that's it. actually our floorman injury bob just said so cold this morning, i hear you man so chilly outside.
6:43 am
we want you to be ready for it folks talking teens talking single digits, actually showing you the list mode here what we've been final interesting you the weather watch that's morning. >> roo mother area from john, one below zero in lahaska thompson, three from david in jamison, list goes on, talking single digits. that will includes portions of southern new jersey, willow grove, with a are sent in seven. i mean, really brutal stuff. >> going little further off to the south. one thing going for us at least the fact it is clear one little pocket of moisture here generally just up-state new york concern. >> next one that rolls across the northern tier of the us, heads our way specifically by the second half of sunday, that's at least when we are expecting anything widespread in terms of precipitation, but this is tricky little
6:44 am
forecast. i have to say all depending on where this front sets up, just going to be stalled front initially. we will be either below or above or right along the rain-snow line. so it could really make or break what we actually see. there will be something brewing by sunday evening, here's what we think initially sunday, just clouds, then light rain starts to move in, generally toward evening overnight, though, into monday colder air overnight. you could see it mix in with some sleet snow, and then into monday night, it is still lingering, so that would be our next best chance for anything to accumulate. appears at this point like precipitation generally speaking would be somewhat light. but if we're dealing with ice you don't need much. just have to keep an eye on it. stick with us, it will be an evolving forecast, moving ahead beyond that point, temperatures stay chilly tuesday, but clearing out for some sunshine, and there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, vittoria. >> that's what we like to hear, thank you so many. good morning everyone, i really can't provide too much light at the end of the tunnel for your traffic commute.
6:45 am
only because rush hour now upon us, seeing the delays sprinkled across the board nine, a the schuylkill, vine st. expressway even. now taking you to 422. we have multiple vehicle crash eastbound 422 at trooper road. notice that crash pushed to the shoulder, as much as possible. but, still with one every these, the merging lanes being compromised it is still going to set you back. keep in mind, eastbound 422 already gets heavy at this time. out of the area of royersford, down to 202. so with gaper delay that could grow even bigger. we will continue to keep you updated on that for sure. schuylkill expressway, looks like 76, eastbound high volume approaching spring garden, down through to the vine street expressway, westbound, yes that big old pocket approaching city avenue out through to gladwynn, as women, affecting southbound side of the roosevelt. in kensington, water main break at howard near berk best best front street traveling in the areament take a look, speed censors are dropping. so if you plan to leave the house soon, expect rush hour when you get to where ever you are going. ukee?
6:46 am
>> water main break in north philly. tough situation in the fidget temperatures, west berks street, north howard street, told, some that far water is leaking into neighborhood homes, as well. >> also, truck driver is in the hospital with injuries after a serious accident on i459 in wilmington. it is all clear right now but all lanes of the interstate were closed for several hours earlier this morning. >> two gunmen shot and killed a man south paxson street in kingsessing, man shot 17 times. robbery may be the motive for all of the violence. >> police in missouri say the kidnapping of six year old boy was orchestrated by members every his family. now, four people are under arrest. and, as andrew spencer reports, the boys own mother is among those facing felony charges. >> attemptment to teach a boy a lesson went outsides of
6:47 am
bound every law. >> boy lawyered into a truck and terrorized. >> still in denial they did anything wrong. >> the boy's mother, grandmother, aunt and one every his aunt's co-workers planned his kidnapping. police say 23 year old nathan waited at the boy's bus stop after school. lured him into a pick up. drove off with him. >> the boy starts immediately crying when he is told that he's never going to see his mother again. he's never going to see his house. and then when he doesn't stop crying, he shows him a gun. >> the boy is told role he be nailed to the wall after shed. his hands and feet are bound with plastic bags. his head covered. unknowingly, he's guide intoed the basement of his own home. police say his family listened through baby monitor as the boy's pants were removed and he was told he would be sold as a sex slave. >> for me, as someone who is briefly abduct in the 1978, at the age of five years old walking home from kindergarten, the feeling start to stir up in my body
6:48 am
that i remember and feel the tension, the frightening events that were going on around me. and knowing what this young man went through and that his parents did it to him? there is no excuse for that. >> investigators in lincoln county missouri estimate the boy's ordeal must have gone on for about four hours. his grandmother his aunt, and the aunt's co-worker charged with fell own just restraint. the mother is charged with kidnapping and felony abuse after child. andrew spencer cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> 6:48. >> suspended minnesota vikings running back adrian peterson the the nfl players association headed to federal court in minneapolisment peterson between get back on the football field was suspended last year, under the personal conduct policy for child abuse case. peterson contends the incident was simply discipline of one of his young sons. 6:48 right now. let's see what's coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell in new york
6:49 am
with your preview nora, good morning. >> hey, good morning to you ukee erika. ahead a man has had his medical records stolen in the past explains why the anthem healthcare act is more dangerous kind of identity theft. plus, we will talk live with payee the owner robert craft about his fourth superbowl ring. the investigation into those under inflated footballs and the teams legacy. and then from stiff competition to unique collaboration on stage. entertainment tonight's kevin frazier what to expect from sunday's grammy, looking forward to that, news back in the morning see you guys about ten minutes. >> going to be a lot of fun. >> see you you're also going red tore women today. >> i am. >> going red for american heart month. >> thanks so much. >> thanks, nora. well, it is the biggest night in music. of course it is coming up this weekends grammy awards are this sunday, you can catch it here on cbs234. >> i talked to ll cool jay about what you can expect from this year's show. >> well, there is a few opening numbers. i won't tell you exactly what
6:50 am
the absolute opening number; because i don't want to blow the surprise for people. but there is going to be great performance cents from madonna, from acdc, from, you know rihanna, kanye west, paul mccartney arianna grand you have john legends come in, but the thing about it is it is for all generations and it is for all genre's. you snow so if you're a music fan, this is the show to watch. it truly is music egg biggest night. whether hip hop fan or you love a certain type of music whatever music you love, soul, you lover hip hop you love, you know pop you love rock, it is all represented there in that night, it will be great. >> certainly will be. and a head of the big show grammy nominees iggy and jennifer hudson perform trouble, the laid list take the stage at the pre grammy party, on saturday. once again, you can tune in to the grammy awards live, this sunday night at 8:00 like ll
6:51 am
said, you won't want to miss t catch all the action right here on cbs36789 going to be a fun night. >> so many great performances, can't wait. we'll be right back with a rocky siting here in philadelphia. >> but first, here's a look at what's coming up the tonight during evening prime time viewing right here on cbs-3. >> how much do you spends whether go shopping? i'm jim donovan, "3 on your side" introduces you to the coupon mom when she shops she not only saves money show, often makes a profit. >> save a few thousand dollars a year. >> she is an expert but you don't have to be, and you can still save. watch and learn how to be a smarter shopper tonight at 11:00.
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♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ >> breaking news outside of revere massachusetts firefighters battling the flames and also sub zero windchill. the smoke can be seen from miles away. that's the latest right now from that area. we'll tell you more about it on the "cw philly". right now, 54:00. let's get our traffic and weather together. katy? >> we've got pretty colds windchills ourselves here at home ukee. good morning everyone, one of those days where the looks are very deceiving. looking out the window beautiful looking day but so chilly outside. in fact, winds chill
6:55 am
advisories sub zero up toward boston, sub zero for folks not just in the poconos but into the lehigh vale. do you have advisory posted until 10:00 a.m. through carbon monroe county. where we stand folks brutal stuff. in philadelphia, in positive territory, but almost in the negative's. so, make sure you bundle up adequately. can't stress that enough. at least dry expecting sunshine all day. vittoria? >> thank you, so much, katie. and good morning everyone, if you are traveling out and about, on the roads you're going to find rush hour sprinkled all over t also, finds rush hour, and incident delays as a result of gaper delay from the accident here. this is eastbound 422 right around trooper, it is primarily on the shoulder, but, it is causing just little bit after delay on top of a delay. so just be carefulment ben franklin bridge, not awful yet. it looks little windy however. if you are however making your way into philadelphia, you are going to notice some delays around eighth and vine, watch out for this water main break in the kensington section of howards and berks front is your best alternate let's head back toutiesting. >> vittoria, thank you.
6:56 am
one of the best things about rocky is his loyalty in the city brotherly love, sisterly affection. >> crews began shooting scenes for the new film creed. "eyewitness news" cameras captured sylvester stallone on east clearfield street in kensington. now, this time around, rocky is mentoring the grandson of apollo creed, up and coming boxer, casting directors from the heery agency are looking for home-grown allen. >> looking for all types of people. i mean there is movie lab true representation of modern philadelphia. >> philadelphia really owns rocky, so much. so that, you know, anywhere this film goes, anybody it touches, they just are all over it. >> creed will be shooting at various locations throughout the city until the end of march. if you see a crew, hey snap a pick, send it to us, love to see what's happening. >> sly's hat has head up so well since 77. that things look good. >> keep it in a box. >> tilted to the side. >> exactly. >> you go boy, i'm telling
6:57 am
you. coming up on it sister station "cw philly", seth williams will be here to discuss two philadelphia police officers charged with assault and a suspect beating. >> also chopper three live over water main break in north philadelphia. and how it is affecting homes and roads we're following the latest coming up next. coming up next on cbs this morning, singer songwriter ed sheeran, what took him from his humble combination to multiple grammy nominations. >> we're keeping it live, keeping it local on your "cw philly" station. happy friday family, hope to see you in a bit. good mor
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. it is friday february 6th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." measles outbreak hits another day care center. five babies too young to be vaccinated, catch the virus. days after his fourth super bowl win patriots owner robert kraft talks football and his legacy with charlie rose. >> the grammys are coming. the grammys are coming. kevin frazier visits the night and we visit with grammy nominee ed sheeran. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 skojds. >> we do expect there will be more cases associated with this day care.


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